With agreements in place with Grand Bahama top vendors and suppliers, we are able to offer not only attractive agency fees but also significant savings through our accommodation, transportation and Launch hire services, making us the preferred ship agency in Freeport Bahamas.


With our wholesale food supplier agreements in place, we have the advantage of offering a wide range and variety of international & local food products, which are stocked in the most optimum conditions available in the ship supply industry nowadays. 

We understand the importance of this when requesting ship and logistics services in Freeport Bahamas, therefore we make sure that your provisions are supplied to your vessels in optimum condition and in a timely fashion. All provisions are transported in refrigerated vehicles, which enables transportation of our products under correct & controlled temperature.


 In order to ensure fresh seasonal fruits & vegetables as they are, we purchase them from local wholesalers on the day of delivery. We're equipped to answer the call when owners are looking for shipping companies in the Bahamas.


Lucaya Shipping & Trading offers Crew Change services in Freeport Bahamas.


With multiple arrangements and agreements in place, we are able to offer not only attractive agency fees but also significant savings through our accommodation, transportation and Launch hire services.

With over 37 years of experience in the maritime industry, we've handled an exuberant amount of crew changes in the Freeport Harbour.

Crew Change Arrangements,

Crew Transportation and Hotel Accommodation in Freeport Bahamas is made easy by our agency due to the hotel arrangements and the excellent vendor relationships we have in place.

Safety and prompt delivery of your crew to their required destination always take priority over anything else with our agency. 


As your husbandry agents in Freeport Bahamas, we look after our principals' interests at all times. 

Our services range from customs brokerage, freight forwarding, trucking, transportation, and is not limited to other personal services your company may request.

At Lucaya Shipping, we service a  number of different commercial vessels, among these, are container vessels, oil tankers, cruise ships, and ro-ro carriers. Whether your vessel is on the seas or calling at the dry dock we ensure efficient service and quick turnaround.


Lucaya Shipping can provide delivery of cash to master services in Freeport Bahamas (Bank charges + Insurance + Handling) with excellent, on-time service.


We help you cover any crew wages and other expenses throughout the period your vessel is docked.


Lucaya Shipping offers protective agent services in Freeport Bahamas, we will ensure that cargo operations do not conflict with the ship owner’s interests.

Under a protective agency service appointment,

Lucaya Shipping ensures the following:

  1. Acknowledgment of appointment with accurate estimated port costs, relevant port, and berth information and the vessel’s expected schedule.

  2. Control of all reporting (via e-mail and/or telecom) so that the charterer’s agents report only to us, enabling us to check the accuracy of the information and relay it to concerned parties.

  3. Regular berth visits to ensure all requirements are being followed and that the charterer’s agents are meeting the owner’s requirements.


Lucaya Shipping provides STS OPERATIONS in Freeport Bahamas of any size and a variety of cargoes.

All STS Operations in Freeport Bahamas takes place OPL (Off Port Limit).

For more information please contact us.


Lucaya Shipping & Trading is your one-stop for port agent services in Freeport Bahamas.


Our devoted agents are ready to render all services to the Principal to ensure an efficient and cost-effective call to our port.

We assist the Master in tending to the requirements for vessel and crew and clearing the vessel with local authorities. Once we are appointed as shipping agents we expedite all relevant services to ensure the quickest turnaround possible.


Lucaya Shipping & Trading reacts as quickly as possible to the provision of placing onboard equipment and equipment parts when needed. We do our endeavor best to avoid delays which can affect the whole service chain of the ship.

Our analysis of costs via powerful tools enables process improvement throughout your supply chain.

We will help you minimize different transshipments, optimize the packaging to ensure the best transport, study and find the best route channel according to the volume and characteristics of the goods, aim to reduce your overall costs that evolve by adapting in real-time the different scenarios. (Cancellations, weather conditions, etc).


Lucaya Shipping ensures that your dry dock services in Freeport Bahamas go as smoothly as possible. We guarantee that your requirements and schedules are met, avoiding delays and minimizing unexpected costs.

Our resolve is to remove any conflicting interests between yard and shipowner. 


We liaise with various parties – concerned authorities, suppliers, and service providers, well before vessel arrival to ensure smooth operations.


We understand how critical accurate port information can be to a ship call and we take pride at Lucaya Shipping to make sure you receive just that. 


Everything from sea depth, freeport harbour rules, local authority requirements, Shipyard (Dry Dock) logistics and more are provided ell in advance before your vessel calls Freeport Bahamas. 


Lucaya Shipping provides port agency for RoRo liners in Freeport Bahamas. 


We are the perfect agency solution for your liner carriers.


We represent liner carriers that carry
• New and used passenger cars
• High & Heavy equipment
• Wide variety of static cargoes (machinery, boats, crates etc)


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